• The curriculum incorporates coeducational thinking and the most effective pedagogical practices. The curriculum has been designed in accordance with National Curriculum Framework (NCF).
  • Orchid English School follows the Sate Board Curriculum.
  • Holistic approach
  • Integration of co- scholastic activities
  • Activity based learning
  • Focus on life skill development
  • CCE based Evaluation

Extra Curricular

Creating Global Indian Citizens

Recognizing the fact that schools need to play a proactive role in nurturing & developing personalities & preparing the students as global citizens with a strong grounding in Indian Value System,

Orchid English School aim for :

  • Facilities to develop congnitive, Psychomotor, and affective skills.
  • Proficient & confident communication ability for each & every student.
  • Inculcating sports , exercises as a discipline for physical fitness throughout the life for each student.
  • Improvement of memory and IQ, mental , physical and spiritual well being, awareness & growth with intensive yoga and meditation for each student.
  • Instilling Indian culture & values for each student, not to learn all this as History and Geography but learn to apply it if needed.
  • Developing personality traits and positive attitude required for success.
  • Developing scientific temper

Our Library

  • Open and easily available of reading materials.
  • Adequate and fully equipped library with reference books, magazines, periodicals.
  • Seperate seating arrangements for reading to staff and students.
  • Comfortable airy and ventilated serene environment for study.
  • Approximately 4,000 plus books composing of stories, comics, literature of various ages.
  • Timely scheduled library periods.
  • Provision for issuing the books to carry.
  • Seperate I-card and library cards for students and teachers.
  • Full time librarian and adequate library periods.